Latvian Association of Model Enthusiasts

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Latvian Association of Model Enthusiasts

Post by solentlife » 02 Aug 2020, 15:08

I enjoy Radio Control Models. Aircraft, cars, boats ... in fact any type. Over time legislation appears that limits or is to control the use of. Brought about quite often by incidents or evidence of less careful owners. In Latvia - we still have a generally relaxed model environment but already we see rules by CAA and authorities restricting flying models.
It is my intention here in Latvia to create a Model Association run by and on behalf of all modellers in Latvia. To bring together Clubs and individuals to create a voice to protect the hobby, whatever model type. Already discussions are underway for group Insurance, which on joining the Association would be included in the membership package.
Any club or individual involved in public display is now required to have 3rd party liabilty insurance. Association would provide this.
Latvia has put guidelines that state UAV models when flown under Club or group rules are not subject to the stricter CAA rules. The Association satisfies this.
Any Club or modeller interested to join and make their voice heard in Latvia - please contact me. My Company will sponsor the creation and assist in its costs.
I was involved in similar in UK and I hope that I can help Latvia enjoy a healthy organisation to support and protect our wonderful hobby. Already I have positive reaction from various I have spoken to. The administration of such Association would be by Members agreement and election of 'Officers'.

Let us move forward in this and create the model world we need.
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Re: Latvian Association of Model Enthusiasts

Post by SalvatoreMundi » 09 Aug 2020, 13:38

After new regulations I lost my interest to drones and planes. Now I drive rc cars and I have group of friends on facebook. As long as cars are not banned, we do not need a club.
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