New to helis, looking for advice.

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New to helis, looking for advice.

Post by jonahailsa » 11 Oct 2011, 08:56

Hi all, I bought a E-Sky Honey Bee King 4 as my first heli to train on on

I'm not new to RC, I'm just new to helis and usually I fly planes.

The only reason I bought this heli was the cost, ~$180 with shipping and tax. I adjusted blade tracking, made sure the tail belt does not slip, mounted the battery, and took off.

The first hover went pretty good. Went trough 4 batteries and now I have a few questions.

1. It's not very obvious to me when the battery runs out. A plane can glide to a landing, but with a heli it's a problem. Do you guys prefer a timer or a battery alarm?

2. What are the most necessary tools to maintain helis? I bought a pitch gauge, a few spare blades, a bunch of allen keys, blade balancer. Not sure what other heli specific tools I need, or what breaks the most.

I still have to learn the gyro setup. It seems that when the battery is freshly charged, the tail drifts to the right and at the end it starts to drift the other way. That's when using heading hold. Rate mode is even trickier, but I managed to hover with it for a few minutes.

Thanks for any suggestions.
what is you hobyy ?and what is your best love !
my hobby is rc airplane model, so i must find some rc airplane parts to meet my needs.

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